Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Better Than Shamrock Shakes"

St. Patrick’s Day might be over but ever since posting on Facebook my “Better than Shamrock Shake” drink yesterday I’ve had a lot of people asking me for the recipe. I was out of town yesterday afternoon so this has been my first opportunity to post it for you.

So here it is for you to enjoy, not just on St. Patrick’s Day but any day you choose!

It’s healthy and tastes great!

A handful of shelled pistachios (with the pistachios there is no need for green food colouring!)

2 cups of almond milk

2 scoops of vanilla vegan ice cream

1/2 teaspoon pure mint extract

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Blend and enjoy!

For another healthy alternative either substitute an avocado for the pistachios or add one in to the recipe above.

Vegan Peace & Love

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Zumba! Zumba!
Who doesn't like to shake their stuff and have some fun?
Zumba class is a great way to do both.

It's fun, it feels great and it's perfect for all ages and stages.

I love to dance and love international beats and those are just some of the reasons I became a Certified Zumba Instructor years back.

My latest class has us taking our passports around the globe for stops in Columbia, Greece, Jamaica, India, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with our great music and dance styles.

You truly forget you are getting a workout as we dance the time away with fitness incorporated moves to build muscle strength and  flexibility. The cardio is a no brainer, but speaking of the brain it gives your mind a workout to as you learn new dance steps and fitness moves to tempo.

Don't think you have to be a dancer to groove along or gym rat to keep up with the fitness component. You just need to like music and love to have fun.

If you can't make it out to one of my classes you can do Zumba at home. Today's giveaway contest is giving you the chance to win your own Zumba book and DVD!

This book and DVD combo normally sells in most bookstores for $29.99 CAD.
Now a copy can be yours. All you have to do to win yours is  3 things. 1)"follow" our blog ( 2) correctly tell me who the author is of the book ("Zumba  Ditch the workout, Join the Party! The Zumba Weight Loss Program") I'll give you a hint, he's also the founder of Zumba and 3) tell me why you love Zumba.

You can email, text, tweet or post your answer. The contest closes Monday at noon and our winner will be announced by Wednesday morning at the latest.

Till then keep dancing!