Monday, October 25, 2010

A Review of SunWarriors Raw Vegan Protein Powder

It really seems to be the topic of the month, but I just had to share this new find with you.
Now being in the fitness industry and a vegan I've tried many a protein powder and when it's one I really like I share that with you.
Well I just tried Sun Warrior's Chocolate protein powder and I must say it's pretty darn good!
It's vegan of course, it's made from 85% protein, it's gluten free and non-GMO. The all natural ingredients include whole brown rice protein, cocoa, pectin, xanathan gum and stevia. pretty simple. One serving gives you 25 grams of protein, not to mention 33% iron and 10%  calcium of  your daily values. This only increases if you mix it with something like almond milk as I did. I love that it doesn't contain soy and is raw.

The taste was thick and chocolatey. It wasn't chalky or grainy and it didn't have a funny after taste. It was actually quite silky and mixes well in smoothies or is great on it's own. I don't know if this is in part to the bottle I mixed it in (which I will talk about in just a second) or because of the way this protein powder is formulated (which also happens to be 100% organic), but it didn't have lumps and was quite enjoyable.

Now back to the bottle, I got Sun Warriors Blender Bottle which I recommend for the gym rat. This is no ordinary bottle! It's a large 28 oz bottle that comes with a patented blender ball that you drop inside. It's really like a round whisk that helps blend your shake until it's smooth with no lumps. As Sun Warrior says you "Simply drop the BlenderBall wire whisk into the bottle along with your ingredients, screw on the lid, press down the flip top and shake! The ball moves easily throughout the bottle as you shake, mixing the thickest ingredients with ease .." It has an easy grip design a stay open flip top, yet comes with a secure screw on lid with a wide opening for your ingredients. It will fit in your drink holder if you are consuming it on the way to the gym or on the way home. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It also makes a great water bottle.
This will now go into the top 3 as one of my favourite protein powders for the vegan market (Vega and my own custom blend being the other top 2).

You can order Sun Warrior products right here on our blogspot website, including their shaker bottle with the BlenderBall.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Does The Bible Say About Being Vegan?

Wow! If that title didn't scare you off let me say you're doing great and please stick with this and give it a read.
Believe it or not this is a question that I get a lot. Normally I don't respond to it publicly because religion/God is such a touchy subject for most people. However, I've been getting this a lot so here goes.
Do I think God would want us to be vegan is the question. My answer is I can't speak for God. I can however tell you what I've read about how God views animals and animal consumption and most of you if not all of you (yes, both meat eaters and vegans) will be upset with what I'm about to share, but remember this is just my humble opinion.
So let's go back to the beginning. Even before The Garden of Eden.
God created earth, plant life, animals, then humans. In that order. That alone says a lot but let's move on. Animals were probably on earth for hundreds if not thousands of years before Adam and Eve. So as some of earths first inhabitants I think they deserve some respect.
When Adam was created he was surrounded by peaceful animals who had no fear of him, and why would they have fear? Adam wasn't killing them or eating them.
Now as I see it Adam had a pretty sweet life. He lived in paradise, had God as a best friend and as a result was assigned a pretty cool job - naming the animals. God arranged it for the animals to approach Adam. Adam would study them and name them. Everyone was living in peace.
The Bible does says that Adam would have dominion over the animals and that the animals would be in subjection to him. Now before you say well there you have it! God said the animals were to be in subjection to man that means we can eat them, wear them and do what we want with them. Note this. We as humans are in subjection to God as well and how does he treat us? Just something to ponder.
So having the animals in subjection to him meant Adam was accountable to God for how he treated them.
Then as you might know from Sunday school things went terribly wrong. Adam and Eve ate fruit from a forbidden tree and were kicked out of paradise to the harsh conditions outside the Garden of Eden.
So then no longer living in perfect conditions Adam and Eve and their offspring started to kill animals for clothing to keep warm and dressed.
Things continued to get worse on earth and God got rather ticked off and said he was going to cause a flood killing all animals and humans not in the ark that Noah would build. If God didn't care about animals he wouldn't have arranged for them to be saved. Instead he arranged for the animals to go to Noah so that he could preserve them along with Noah and his family.
Now keep in mind Noah and his family and the animals were in the ark for over a year. Many people think because it rained for 40 days and 40 nights that was all the time that was spent in the ark. Wrong. Over a year because the flood waters were that high! It was a global deluge and it too a long time for the waters to recede.
Prior to the flood as far as we know animals were not eaten. It was because of no produce being available outside of the ark because everything was under water for a year that God said he would allow humans to eat meat. To protect the animals God at this time also put fear and terror of humans into animals, since God was now giving them up to humans.  Right after saying that Noah and his family had permission to eat animals God then says something interesting. That they were not to eat the blood of the animals and that he - God would ask back the soul/life from the human eating a living creature. Now you can interpret this how you'd like. For me I think God is saying to Noah you can eat animals for necessary food but needless slaughter was wrong. I come to this conclusion because a little later Nimrod (yah can you believe being called a Nimrod comes from the Bible?!) was a huge hunter and God disapproved strongly of what he was doing.
Wow, I feel like a preacher here, but let me go on a little further to show why I think God is against animal exploitation. Later in the Bible God instituted a law that protected animals. This was called the Mosaic Law and talked about proper care of animals both domestic, wild and stray. In fact it even said that crossbreeding was wrong and forbidden!
So there you have my thoughts on animals and God from just one book of the Bible (Genesis) maybe another day I can go on with other examples and stories, but for now my fingers are tired. I'm sure this much alone will fire up another heated discussion on eating animals and the Bible. Maybe the best suggestion is for you to crack open your own Bible do some reading and see what it says for yourself.
Until next time. 
Vegan Peace & Love

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Basic Vegan Protein Shake

Hey guys as promised here is the first in a long line up of videos for you.
The number one request you had sent me was for a basic protein shake.
I hope you enjoy.
...and continue to let me know what you'd like to see for recipes, health and fitness workouts.

Vegan Peace and Love!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Become The Change You Envision

This quote of mine has been my email signature for years!
"....become the change you envision"
What do I mean by this?
When applying it to the vegan/animal world for me it simply means "Go Vegan!"
If you are against animals being exploited go vegan.
If you are against animals being abused, used for entertainment, turned into clothing, etc. Go Vegan.
If you are against killing animals and envision a day when they are no longer used by humans for pleasure, then go vegan.
Protesting against industries, institutions and organizations does very little. Trying to change a mass of people is more difficult. Changing yourself, walking the talk, is where it starts, practicing what you preach. I posted the following stats on my Facebook page(!/group.php?gid=304612241809):
The average U.S. resident eats over 200 pounds of meat per year, or more than 1/2 pound per day!

The average American eats 15 cows, 24 hogs, 900 chickens, 12 sheep and 1000 lbs of other assorted animals in their lifetime .Also if you eat 7 eggs in a week, you’ll consume 25 550 eggs in your lifetime.

If you are concerned about the way animals are treated and are frustrated by how little is being accomplished by animal rights groups then please see from the stats above, that you - YOU - as one person can make a huge difference by changing your diet from consuming animals to a vegan diet. You can save the lives of many animals that otherwise would be eaten by you.
You become the change you want to see by not exploiting animals. No one should be using animals at all. They are not for us to use.
If you go vegan you will feel better, you will be healthier, you will be saving lives!
Then once you do go vegan talk to at least one person a day about going vegan. Sure it won't change animal abuse overnight, but we can change things. One person at a time. Starting with you!
...become the change you envision.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I've had a big demand to start uploading videos.
I am working on this and hope to have it in place for you soon.
Happy Farm Animal Day to all! A great day to go vegan if you haven't already!