Monday, October 25, 2010

A Review of SunWarriors Raw Vegan Protein Powder

It really seems to be the topic of the month, but I just had to share this new find with you.
Now being in the fitness industry and a vegan I've tried many a protein powder and when it's one I really like I share that with you.
Well I just tried Sun Warrior's Chocolate protein powder and I must say it's pretty darn good!
It's vegan of course, it's made from 85% protein, it's gluten free and non-GMO. The all natural ingredients include whole brown rice protein, cocoa, pectin, xanathan gum and stevia. pretty simple. One serving gives you 25 grams of protein, not to mention 33% iron and 10%  calcium of  your daily values. This only increases if you mix it with something like almond milk as I did. I love that it doesn't contain soy and is raw.

The taste was thick and chocolatey. It wasn't chalky or grainy and it didn't have a funny after taste. It was actually quite silky and mixes well in smoothies or is great on it's own. I don't know if this is in part to the bottle I mixed it in (which I will talk about in just a second) or because of the way this protein powder is formulated (which also happens to be 100% organic), but it didn't have lumps and was quite enjoyable.

Now back to the bottle, I got Sun Warriors Blender Bottle which I recommend for the gym rat. This is no ordinary bottle! It's a large 28 oz bottle that comes with a patented blender ball that you drop inside. It's really like a round whisk that helps blend your shake until it's smooth with no lumps. As Sun Warrior says you "Simply drop the BlenderBall wire whisk into the bottle along with your ingredients, screw on the lid, press down the flip top and shake! The ball moves easily throughout the bottle as you shake, mixing the thickest ingredients with ease .." It has an easy grip design a stay open flip top, yet comes with a secure screw on lid with a wide opening for your ingredients. It will fit in your drink holder if you are consuming it on the way to the gym or on the way home. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It also makes a great water bottle.
This will now go into the top 3 as one of my favourite protein powders for the vegan market (Vega and my own custom blend being the other top 2).

You can order Sun Warrior products right here on our blogspot website, including their shaker bottle with the BlenderBall.

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