Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's Shaking?

I have tried a lot of the shakes out there in my quest for a vegan superfood beverage. Some have been your run of the mill typical protein powder shakes which are nice for the average person wanting to supplement their diet. However, my needs have been somewhat unique when hunting for that ideal shake. First and foremost it has to be vegan and with the majority of shake powders out there containing whey that criteria quickly narrowed my choices. Secondly it had to provide a decent amount of protein, preferably from more than one source.
Next, I lead a very active life. I instruct fitness classes, I'm a mom of 3 busy kids 5 and under. In fact I'm a soccer mom in the real sense because I even coach my boy's soccer team. I'm also a Certified Personal Trainer and am always on the run.
As a result I need a shake that is high quality, good value, and by value I don't just mean price but also content. So many shakes on the market are full of fillers and other junk your body certainly doesn't need.
Since I'm always on the go it had to be easy to use. Something I could scoop into my shaker cup and run with. I shake that has to be blended is no good to me, and often if it has to be blended it is the kind that gets clumpy or gritty which brings me to taste. The shake has to taste good because chances are I'm having this once or twice a day.
Of course a good list of amino acids and superfoods was also critical in my final decision.
At this point my shake profile was quickly narrowed down to less than 6. Can you believe it? Out of the hundreds of shakes out there those that have real value and are truly good for your body were less than half a dozen!
Ready for the ones that topped the charts for quality, acting as a shake or meal replacement, packing a protein and superfood punch?
One that is easily attainable at most health food stores and sport supplements chains is Vega.
Vega has a sports performance line which the athletic side of me loves as it is geared towards athletes and the serious fitness buff. The performance line has shakes for before your workout (to enhance your performance), shakes for during to sustain you and even shakes for after your work out to feed your muscles and help with recovery. As well it has the regular shakes which I can use at home and share with my family.
So Vega is great because I want my shake to support muscle growth and to keep me full and satisfied. I also want it to be something I can use in recipes from smoothies for my kids to protein bars for myself.
I have been using Vega for almost a decade and for those who know me its the one I was quick to recommend.
However, there is a new kid on the block and this player packs a punch! I was recently introduced to Shakeology when Beachbody hit Canada for the first time in October last year and let me tell you this shake is the bomb!
The taste is almost addictive and if you want to talk super foods look at this line up to name only a few: Camu-Camu, moringa, maca, Sacha inchi, flax, chia, conjac root and so much more!
I am in love! The taste is out of this world and not only is it vegan it's fair trade. It supports the things I believe in and I'm proud to now have this as a staple in my home.
You can look at the line up of other shakes (see the chart at the end of this article). They just don't compare.
Shakeology also has an Empty Bag Guarantee that allows you to try Shakeology for 30 days and if you don't feel healthier, you simply call their customer service within 30 days for a refund. Yes, even if the bag is totally empty!
Now you won't find Shakeology in the health food stores or at the supplement retail stores. It's available only from Beachbody but it comes delivered straight to your home. How is that for service?
I'm a proud supporter of this amazing shake and if you want to learn more just click on the link at the end of this article for more information. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!