Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's Get Down to Business


How have you been doing with your activities so far?

I have a few serious questions for you to ask yourself and to document in your journal.

The first is to ask yourself how much weight do your need to lose? Not how much do you want to lose, because to many women exaggerate or have no concept of what their target healthy weight range is.

To find your rate you can either calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) or your WHR (Waist Hip Ratio). Their are many websites that have calculators to make it easier for you. Once you have your number we can begin to set your realistic goals. As to what your weight should be.

Next I want you to create in your notebook a food log. This will help you to see what you've been eating. I want you to write down everything, EVERYTHING you eat over the next few weeks whether it's a small piece of chocolate or a big burger. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. I want you to write down why you ate them, the time and the portion.

The final exercise I have for you is related to how you feel about yourself.

In the MBC challenge we devote a day to building up self-esteem. (See the discussion room in the Mind Body & Child website for more information on this season challenge or the Mind Body & Child Facebook page for more details)

It's so easy to focus on what we hate about ourselves we often forget to love ourselves. Life is too short to be spent focusing on the negatives when there are so many positive things to love and celebrate.

So in your journal I want you to list the things you love about yourself.

They can be physical or characteristics.

If you are having a hard time with this think of what others most compliment you on. Your smile? Your hair? Your laugh?

Come back to these things when you are feeling low or negative about yourself.

Until next time.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whey Protein Powders

The following was posted on my Mind Body & Child Facebook page earlier this month after a discussion with two alpha males who felt a woman couldn't teach them anything about protein powders. I think it makes for a good entry here.
You can read more on the facebook page here (!/pages/Mind-Body-Child/79832052894?ref=ts)along with some comments that came in.

For all you body builders, fitness buffs, gym rats, protein power fanatics, etc.
Again I really suggest you stay away from whey protein powders there are so many better choices out there.
It's acidic, and really doesn't do your body good as the dairy companies would like you to believe as you consume their waste products... such as whey.

They read all the men's fitness and health magazines that tell them they need to eat whey bars and shakes and without asking why or wondering about what else is out there they drink back the flavoured chemicals!
Ohhh don't even get me started on some of the crap they proudly show me that they ingest!
Not only can they not pronounce the ingredients they have no idea what they are!

Further to my earlier rant about whey protein ...please for those of you who like to drive down and buy the huge tubs in the United States because it's cheaper ...a lot of those products in the state are not FDA approved and contain lead and mercury!
Find yourself feeling sick, bloated in your quick fix?
The toxins and chemicals are sick! You are getting low grade protein that is isolated and your body barely recognizes. Not to mention all the flour and other fillers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Moving!


Yesterday you made a list of pleasurable activities.

It may have only been 3 items it may have been more.

Today I want you to grab your calendar and journal and write down how long you can devote to each activity and where you can fit them into your schedule.

Now this is going to require some commitment and honesty on your part.

I want you to slot these activities into at least three days over the next two or three weeks. After each time time you go out and complete that activity I want you to write down how it made you feel.

Now I don't want you jumping on a scale or pulling out the tape measure, we are long from that. This exercise is simply to see how you feel getting active and doing the things you like.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Questions to Ask Yourself

Yesterday I had you ask yourself what is stopping you from change.
Were you able to to come up with an answer?

Today I have a few more questions for you along with an exercise.

I want you to ask yourself these questions and spend some time on coming up with the real answers, maybe even writing them down in a notebook.

I asked these questions just a few days ago on my Facebook page as those of you who follow that page already know.

What are you eating on a daily basis that is sabotaging your healthiest potential?
What is zapping your energy?
What do you consume on a daily basis out of habit (coffee, sweets, etc) that is doing your body no good?
Are you happy with your health and fitness levels? Are you happy with the way you look?

People tell me why you fill your bodies with meat, soda, sugar, caffeine and processed foods that you know are not good for you yet you wouldn't dare pump bad liquids into your cars?!
I'm serious!
So many of you take better care of your cars than you do of yourself.
Would you fill your car with just any kind of fluid because it... was on empty?

Now I have an exercise for you.
Again I suggest you have a journal to write your answers down in.
First I want you to weigh yourself. If you want you can also take your measurements.

Then I want you to look at yourself in the mirror, if you can with your clothes off, and write down what you see.
Every word and every thought. I want you to describe yourself physically and emotionally as you do this exercise.
Then I want you to sit down and read all that you wrote about yourself.
Is what you wrote true? Do you think others see you this way. Is it an honest description or slightly distorted? Was it all negative or were there positive entries as well?

Looking back on those words circle the ones you want to change.
For example if you wrote down "Fat" which may be true but is also tagged to feeling emotionally negative and it's something you want to change you would circle it.
This will lead to the last part of the exercise. Ask "why am I fat?" Your answer might be "I eat emotionally too much food that is not good for me". This is something you want to change, and that we can change. This exercise will help you determine where you want to go for when we meet again next time.

Now not to leave you on what you might perceive as a negative note I want you to start on tomorrows exercise.

Write down a list of activities that you enjoy and make you feel healthy.

Until next time!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Healthy Weight Loss

My name is Sonia Lemoine.
I'm a Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.
I'm also vegan.

I've started this blog in response to clients who want to lose weight, eat healthy, and create a life plan for better living.

I've trained people from the professional athlete and those in the military to the post-natal mom looking to lose her baby weight.

I hope this blog will inspire you and motivate you to where you want to be.

So let's get started.

How many diets have you tried?
How much weight have you put on?
How many times have you said you are sick of the way you look?

What is stopping your change?

Are you overweight?
Do you have high cholesterol?
What about your blood pressure is it high?
Chances are you feel tired or exhausted a lot of the time too.

...and the reason for all of these things is the way you eat!

It is time for you to make a choice about the way you eat, your health, and the kind of like you want to live.

I believe you can change your weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and regain health and vitality by the way you eat!

Weight loss is easy and I can show you how. I believe it's 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

So if you want to finally get into shape, be healthy, and feel energetic follow me and I'll do my best to get you started on your way!


Please feel free to contact me or leave me a message here or on my Facebook page.