Sunday, June 27, 2010

Questions to Ask Yourself

Yesterday I had you ask yourself what is stopping you from change.
Were you able to to come up with an answer?

Today I have a few more questions for you along with an exercise.

I want you to ask yourself these questions and spend some time on coming up with the real answers, maybe even writing them down in a notebook.

I asked these questions just a few days ago on my Facebook page as those of you who follow that page already know.

What are you eating on a daily basis that is sabotaging your healthiest potential?
What is zapping your energy?
What do you consume on a daily basis out of habit (coffee, sweets, etc) that is doing your body no good?
Are you happy with your health and fitness levels? Are you happy with the way you look?

People tell me why you fill your bodies with meat, soda, sugar, caffeine and processed foods that you know are not good for you yet you wouldn't dare pump bad liquids into your cars?!
I'm serious!
So many of you take better care of your cars than you do of yourself.
Would you fill your car with just any kind of fluid because it... was on empty?

Now I have an exercise for you.
Again I suggest you have a journal to write your answers down in.
First I want you to weigh yourself. If you want you can also take your measurements.

Then I want you to look at yourself in the mirror, if you can with your clothes off, and write down what you see.
Every word and every thought. I want you to describe yourself physically and emotionally as you do this exercise.
Then I want you to sit down and read all that you wrote about yourself.
Is what you wrote true? Do you think others see you this way. Is it an honest description or slightly distorted? Was it all negative or were there positive entries as well?

Looking back on those words circle the ones you want to change.
For example if you wrote down "Fat" which may be true but is also tagged to feeling emotionally negative and it's something you want to change you would circle it.
This will lead to the last part of the exercise. Ask "why am I fat?" Your answer might be "I eat emotionally too much food that is not good for me". This is something you want to change, and that we can change. This exercise will help you determine where you want to go for when we meet again next time.

Now not to leave you on what you might perceive as a negative note I want you to start on tomorrows exercise.

Write down a list of activities that you enjoy and make you feel healthy.

Until next time!


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