Friday, May 6, 2011

Hemp Week May 2-8

Have you been doing anything exciting for Hemp Week?
I have!
I've been wearing hemp clothing, using my hemp body lotion, I made hemp milk ice cream for the family (yes from scratch and yes I'd be happy to share my recipes with you just ask) and of course drinking my favourite hemp milk by Manitoba Harvest!
Did you know that hemp could be used for so many things?
I use hemp protein powder on a weekly basis after my workouts and was just given a lip balm made out of hemp and even received a hemp journal for my birthday in March.
Today I did a corporate display with chocolate hemp milk. The response was amazing! People fell in love with it! Many never knew such a thing existed and it was their first time tasting it. For some it was decided it would be an acquired taste and  the majority planned to run out and buy some this week-end!
A lot of  taste testers were lactose intolerant were thrilled to know they had another option out there.
..and can I just add that hemp milk has as much or more calcium than dairy milk and is so much better for you!
It also contains protein, omega 3 & 6 and did I mention  Manitoba Harvest hemp milk is organic!?
So great was the response I was asked to return next week and make chocolate hemp smoothies for everyone! I can't wait!
So may I suggest you go out and try something hemp this week and let me know just how much you enjoyed it too!

Vegan Peace & Love


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