Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post Work-out Supplements & Drinks

I should have seen this one coming. :-)
Thank you for your emails.
Yes, I do also use a post-work-out replenisher as well.
Especially as a veggie I think it's important to supply protein to the body.
Again this is not for everyone and I am responding to the many emails asking if I use a post work out drink.
Other may use them if they are cutting, bulking or maintaining, some wont use them at all.
I find it reduces post work out muscle fatigue and soreness.
Normally I will have a protein powder that mixes with water that I can put in my water bottle and have on the drive home until I can make a good meal because these are not meal replacements that I am consuming.
Post workout nutrition is important and your muscles (depending on how intense your work out is) are craving the proteins to replenish and help rebuild precious muscle tissue.
Liquids are absorbed easier and faster and are the reason I will have these drinks on my drive home as the sooner as these proteins are supplied to the muscles the better for recovery.
Again I prefer one that is plant-based and contains whole grains as I am always looking for something that is alkalizing, your muscles don't want or need the acid found in most post-work drinks.
I hope this helps!

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