Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pre-Workout Drinks

Do I use a pre work out sports drink or supplement has been a regular question over time.
The answer is yes.
Now this doesn't mean everyone needs one or should have one?
No, so let me tell you more about energy drinks and why I use them.
If I am instructing a high energy class, especially if more than one back to back or if I'm doing heavy lifting in the gym I like the extra energy for sustenance and enhanced mental focus. These pre-work-out drinks also rreplenishes electrolytes and are designed to give you the extra boost you might need. When lifting they help by giving you the stamina to do that extra rep and reduce inflammation, joint and muscle pain to assist recovery.
Now not all sports energy drinks are made the same, and I find a lot of them out there on the market to be a bunch of garbage. So check out the ingredients carefully. Many are filled with sugars, dyes, and caffeine. I much prefer an organic plant-based drink that is safe and natural but still allow me to teach or train with high intensity and still build more vascular muscle.

Now if you need immediate energy before a class or need something that will reduce the stress on your muscles from inflammation or muscle pain then you may want to consider a pre-work out drink, but I urge you, read the label to make a smart informed decision.

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