Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'll be taking you through some training in a little over a week.

I want to familiarize you with a few simple terms.

First, I want to address a couple of emails I received in case it applies to more of you planning on following the program. I know a couple of you are planning on joining the gym though this is not a necessary step at all to do this work out as I have mentioned previously.

Still for the two that I know are definitely joining as per emails I want to reinforce what I said to you privately here for others, and that is, DON'T be intimidated by the gym environment or worried by those working out around you.

I want you to focus on yourself and your goals that brought you there. chances are no one is really watching you anyhow as they are busy with their own program.

The first set of terminology I want you to be familiar with is "sets" and "reps".


a 'rep' is simply short for repetition. It will refer to the amount of times you lift the weight once.


a 'set' is the number of reps you perform in a row.

An example would be if you lift a weight 15 times, then take a break, then repeat this again 15 times, you will have just completed 2 'sets' of 15 'reps'.

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