Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who Do You Want To Be?

Today you will begin becoming the person you want to be!
Do you need to gain weight? Lose weight? Build muscle?

What's holding you back from achieving your goals?

Go back to the page in your journal where you wrote about the future you. The one that starts now.

What changes do you need to make to be that person?
Is it simple as a haircut or a little more complicated like landing your dream job?

Maybe you are afraid to share your goals and achievements? If so why? If not how will you combat negative influences en route to becoming that person? How will you deal with people who tell you that your dreams are silly or unattainable?

Know you are capable!
See the unlimited possibilities of your future!

Pay attention to what matters to you on this path to the new you. Use positive self talk and challenge your boundaries.


Surround yourself with people who are supportive and link up with a buddy also following this program for encouragement.

Today you have a couple of assignments and I know you are ready for them.

Pull out your journal and complete the following:

Assignment #1

List 5 things you'd like to learn more about. Then feed your curiosity and learn something new.

Assignment #2

I want you to start paying attention to the quality of your life.

How do you show yourself you care?

Do you accept yourself as you are now in order to move forward to the new you?

What are you doing to create and live the life you dream of and want?


Take a walk alone with your thoughts and nature now that you've completed the above assignments.

I want you to use your willpower. I want you to believe in yourself! ...because I do!

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