Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet Your Meat

Today I want to talk a bit about meat.

As most of you know I stopped eating meat as a teenager. It was an easy choice for me. Meat is not healthy for you, killing and torturing animals to feed our bellies is just unnecessary and mean in this day and age, and humans were not created as meat eaters.

Want to lose 5 pounds this week? Stop eating meat! Do you know meat stays in your body for up to 3 days!? ...and if you are eating meat every meal, every day, ...well you do the math of how much decaying animal is currently plugging up your intestines.

Meat eaters have an intestinal track that is 3 times their body length so that they can have rotting flesh quickly pass through their systems. Humans, like other non-meat eaters have a track more than 10 times their body length. Also meat eaters have a stomach acid 20 times stronger than our to break down meat protein.

I want you to try to go at least one meal a day without eating meat for this month. For some the easiest meal to do this with is breakfast. If it's easier to do this at lunch or dinner, consider a pasta dinner, or replacing your meat protein with a plant protein. Another option though not one I recommend on a regular basis, is using mock meats which can be readily found at any health food store or most grocery stores in the freezer or produce section. This way you can have your favourite recipes with mock ground beef, chicken, mock burgers, hot dogs, etc. you get the idea. These mock meats are made with soy or vegetable protein but are still highly processed and I want to eventually steer you away from processed foods.

Now I'm not expecting you to become a vegetarian or vegan, but I do want you to be aware of what meat does to your body and where your meat comes from. So this will not be our last discussion on the topic.

I want you to spend the time to watch the video below. I know many meat eaters envision cows and chickens living free and happy on a large farm, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Still other meat eaters don't even make the association between what was once a living animal to what is on their BBQ or plate. Please feel free to post your comments or email me on your thoughts after watching the video.

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