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I hope you've been doing well.

Do you know that even if you are eating a fairly healthy diet the portions you eat at each meal can lead to your undoing? Since many people are uncertain as to what a single serving is I'll give you the most simple guideline to go by, and that is no portion should be bigger than your fist or your palm. This will apply to your proteins and carbs that are not hight in fiber. I don't normally assign a portion to fruits & veggies, but all things in moderation.

I encourage you to use smaller plates for your meals such as a 9" dinner plate. Unlike the 11" or 12" plates you find in most restaurants.

Yesterday I mentioned that I don't count calories, as fashionable as it might be, and that is because if you eat the healthy diet we will be discussing in future posts you don't have to worry about counting them.

I also want to briefly touch on water. You may have heard you should drink 8-10 glasses a day, normally this is a good guideline to follow. However, it really depends on where you live, how active you are and your body size, also whether you are male or female. For men the recommendation is 13 cups and for women 9. I normally drink about a cup of water an hour because of my activity level.

Assignment: I want you to now plan out some meals for the upcoming days. Planning helps you to create healthier meals and avoid picking up or ordering in. Also experiment with a new plant protein such as tofu (maybe in a stir fry) or almond butter (great on toast)!
We will get into recommended food soon.

After posting the recipe for my Apple Pie & Ice Cream smoothie I received a lot of emails asking if I could continue to post different recipes for smoothies and other goodies. So I will do my best. Today is another smoothie recipe.

I Want Brownies!


Soy milk

Raw cocoa

Carob or vegan chocolate chips

Nuts (optional)

crushed ice



Soon we will be getting into the physical component. I strongly recommend meeting with your physician and discussing your plans to start this program with them.

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