Saturday, July 31, 2010

Physical Fitness

You may feel you've been doing great with weight loss so far especially all without a vigorous workout plan in place, and wonder why you should have to introduce a fitness program at this time. I'll tell you why. So far you've learned a lot about food especial the benefits of a clean diet and all of the changes you've made have already brought you great results, you are sleeping better, losing weight and best of all feeling better about yourself.
Now nourishing your body of course is vital but so is keeping up your strength and vitality through physical activity.
So before we begin tomorrow. I need you to start a new page in your log and do the following assignment. See you tomorrow!

Assignment: Target Heart Rate (THR)
It's important to know your THR and the calculation is easy.
220 - your age= your target heart rate
Make a note of that number. It is your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
Then multiply your (MHR) 0.6 for your lowest range on the scale (note this number in your log).
Next multiple your MHR by 0.8 (or 0.9 if you are pretty fit)  to get the highest range on your work out scale, also make a note of this number in your log. Between these last two numbers is the zone in which you want to work.
If you are less fit you should start near the bottom end of the zone. Don't worry there are still many benefits to be gained a this end of the scale!

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