Friday, July 9, 2010

What Do You See In The Mirror?

You've been doing so well, but for some you still may not like what you see in the mirror.
So, how can you make yourself feel better today?
I want you to grab your journal and make a list of positive states that coincide with different parts of your life.
They might be things like:
- I am a mother and feel blessed and fulfilled
-I love to go roller blading it makes feel skillful and fit
-I am married to a man I love and who loves me
-I volunteer and this makes me feel useful and connected with my community
Your statements can be about anything related to your life as long as they are positive and help you feel more secure and happy.
Today I want you to think of yourself in the most positive and wonderful ways to enhance your quality of life.
Continue to add to this personal list as an ongoing exercise. It will make you smile and bring you up when you forget how amazing you truly are!

My Morning Scrambled Eggs:

Extra firm tofu
Olive oil
Scallion/green onion
Nutritional yeast
Soy sauce
I start by crumbling the tofu. I personally like a larger crumble. I set it aside and then pan fry my scallion, onions and mushrooms before adding my tofu. I toss these all together and then add the next ingredients to taste.

This great for the new or experimental vegan with mock sausages, toast and hash browns. Yum! I'm making myself hungry!

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