Thursday, July 1, 2010

Food & Fighting Cravings

If you really want to lose weight this time I'll help you, but we have to look at what you eat. If you've been following along day by day then you've started a food log.

Pull it out.

How much of what you've been eating has been processed foods? If you are like most people probably a good portion of it has been. So many people eat out of packages, tins and from fast food restaurants they have forgotten what real food is.

These foods with shelf lives that seem to last forever are high in sodium, trans fats and sugar. This is a big part of the reason why people are overweight. Food is now so far from it's natural source, if it even comes from one, that it's killing us. The worst part is many kids are growing up on the diet of cheese strings, McDonald's, pop and other processed foods it's messing them up physically and mentally.

If a great great grand parent were alive to see these packaged products how many would they actually recognize as food? Eggs come in liquid form in a box, oatmeal comes in a bar, water now comes in a wide range of colours, sugar in pretty pink and blue packages that increase cravings. It's insane!

Let's go back to your food log.

How many times did you go to Tim Horton's or Starbucks? How many times did you actually cook a meal with grains and vegetables? How often did you eat a raw piece of fruit or munch on some raw veggies? What about fibre? Fibre cleans the toxins out of the body, it fills you up and keeps your metabolic rate in check. It is also what will help you lose weight!

Later this month we will discuss portions, water and why I don't count calories. For now I want you to keep on with your log and if you are having craving for foods you know you don't want to write down later in your log as consumed, try these tips.


-I find if I brush my teeth I often no longer crave eating something I don't need to consume.

-If you just must have that favourite dessert turn it into a healthy smoothie. This is something else I do.

For example, if you are craving apple pie and ice cream make it into a cold milkshake-like smoothie so you still get the chill of the ice cream and the flavour of the apple pie.

Sonia's Apple Pie & Ice Cream Smoothie:

Chopped apple

Almond milk

Non-dairy ice cream



Agave nectar

Blend and enjoy!

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