Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why I Talk About Being Alkaline

From the emails I've been getting this is obviously a new concept to many,and I am still being asked why this is important and if I can talk a bit more about it.

I talk about it in my blog about fertility ( and I will talk about it here, because it is that important.

Too much acid is extremely damaging to the body in so many ways. You can create acidic blood by your diet, medication, your lifestyle, etc.

So what is the range you want to stay in? Well it's actually a very narrow one on the pH scale. Between 7.35-7.45. Though you may see other ranges, this is the healthiest range to fall within. Being above or below this range can give you disease, cause infertility, and cause you to gain weight. In fact many studies show that cancer can't exist in an alkaline body!

Next you ask how do we get within this range. The best way and easiest way is with an alkalizing diet or eating alkalizing foods.

Of course these will be whole grains, veggies, especially the dark leafy ones, legumes, and fruits like bananas and cantaloupe (both in season). The highest acid forming foods are meat, dairy, and sugar.

All this being said it is not just our diet that can cause our bodies to be out of balance when it comes to pH levels. Your mood, personality, even culture can cause you to be too acidic or even alkaline.
For example if you are always angry or living in fear, your body becomes acidic. If you are happy and at peace you become more alkaline.

Fitness too plays a part. If you practice mindful fitness like yoga and t'ai chi this helps relax your body and again balances the pH levels.

We want to have healthy blood, healthy tissues all resulting in healthy bodies.

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