Saturday, July 24, 2010

Food Addictions

Are you addicted to food? Do you eat under stress? Do you feel comfort from food? Maybe you eat when not hungry, or feel your self-esteem is linked to your weight? Do you eat in secret or feel guilty after you eat? What about when you are full, if there is still food on your plate is it hard for you to push it away?

Food addictions and emotional eating can be real problems. Especially if you are depressed or overweight and constantly turn to food for comfort. After all food doesn't judge you and it's always there for you. In return food addicts make excuses for their behaviour. "I had a hard day I deserve it" "Well just one piece everyone else is having some"

So how do you break the habit and begin to cure yourself? Unhealthy eating habits can be hard to break.

First thing is to recognize that you are an emotional eater.

Second, try to understand your relationship with food. Often people need help with this step by seeking professional help. Especially if this eating disorder stems form something in your childhood.

A third thing I would recommend is spotting the triggers that send you into an unhealthy eating spiral. This way you can help manage your stress in better ways.

Visualize yourself eating healthy and eat regular satisfying meals. Best of all try not to store the bad foods that are your temptations.

Journal your feeling and habits around food, including the excuses you make to eat. Remember that food is the number one mood altering substance! If you are addicted to food, often eating doesn't make you feel better, and if you look back on what you ate and it wasn't healthy you may even feel guilty which could further lead to more eating. It can be a vicious cycle. So if you find yourself in this group please let someone know and seek help.
 Food should be enjoyable , but never an unhealthy addiction.

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